10 Huge & Top PPC Features Of The Year

I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 new PPC features and developments for 2022

Google Ads: No More Expanded Text Ads

Google will officially end Expanded Text Ads on June 30, 2022, as announced in 2021. The Responsive Search Ads format now dominates search ads.

Microsoft Ads: Video Ads Debut

Microsoft’s most recent statistics state: 39% of users do not watch videos on YouTube but rather on MSN. 57% of users do not watch videos on Facebook but rather on MSN.

YouTube Ads: Audio Takes Center Stage

Google announced that Audio ads will be available to all advertisers in October 2022, making them officially out of beta testing

Facebook Ads: New Tools For B2B And Small Businesses

– Instagram requests for quotes. – Using Instant Forms to filter leads. – Flexibility in creativity. – restricted content – Integration of partners.

Instagram Ads: Introducing AI-Powered Ads

Instagram introduced “Multi-advertiser ads,” an AI-powered advertisement, as the platform has become more shoppable.

TikTok Ads: New Ad Placements In Search

Users first noticed a new “Sponsored” ad placement in the top four search results in March 2022:

Pinterest Ads: Shoppable Product Pins With WooCommerce Extension

Pinterest for WooCommerce extension makes it simpler to set up your Pinterest product sales.

LinkedIn Ads: Enhanced Campaign Manager Interface

LinkedIn listened to the cries of other marketers about how inefficient campaign management and performance reporting had previously been.

Twitter Ads: Dynamic Product And Collection Ads

This year, Twitter introduced Collection Ads and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA).

Apple Ads: Expanded Ad Placement Inventory

– Ads for Today Tab. – Ad placements on the Product Page.

What do you think will be the most popular PPC features in 2023?