How Local SEO Can Help To Rank On Multiple Locations

How Local SEO Can Help To Rank On Multiple Locations
  • If every Google search returned global SEO results, can you imagine how difficult it would be to find an electrician?
  • To locate a local beautician, how many pages of search results would you need to peruse?
  • On the other hand, imagine how ineffective your local business’s digital marketing strategy would be if it had to compete with every other business in the world for clicks.
  • Fortunately, Google has provided a solution to this problem via local SEO.
  • It’s a quick and simple way to reach the people who are most likely to do business with your company because it lets you only target customers in your area.
  • However, what happens if you have locations in multiple cities? Does it hurt your local SEO to rank for keywords that target multiple cities? Naturally, it is.
  • However, before you rush to adjust your website for local searches, there is one restriction: It could actually be harmful to you if you do it wrong. Therefore, it is critical that you carry it out correctly.
  • It’s a little more involved than standard search engine optimization, but don’t worry—we’re here to help you through it.
  • Follow the steps below, and before you know it, you’ll be ranked in searches for all of your locations. Are you prepared to begin?
local seo for local store

Why Is Local SEO Important?

1. Local SEO Attracts Foot Traffic

  • Imagine that you are out of town for the wedding of a cousin. On the night prior to the much anticipated day, you’re in your lodging when you need a cheddar pizza. When you pick up your phone, you search for… “Pizza?”
  • I don’t believe so.
  • No, most likely, you’ll be searching for “best pizza in Louisville” on Google. You don’t just say, “Good to know,” and then drift off to sleep when you get the results.
  • No. All things considered, you make the move that drove the hunt in any case. That is, you pick up your phone and place an order for pizza.
  • Discover SEO on Wix to save time and make it your own. With built-in tools, integrations, and customization options, you can work effectively and with flexibility.
  • Or you get up, take a taxi, and go to that amazing pizzeria for dinner.
  • Additionally, you are not the only one doing this.
  • In fact, 1.5 billion locations related to searches are visited by searchers each month. Additionally, you are not the one in a million people conducting a local search. Local intent is present in nearly 46% of Google searches. That’s a lot!
  • Therefore, the next time you consider skipping local SEO, reconsider. It might just be the key to getting that random guy on vacation to visit your pizza place. or a beauty parlor or a hardware store, if that makes sense.

2. Local SEO Ranks You Higher On Google

We are all well-versed in the SEO KPIs that you should keep track of in order to rank on Google.

These two are:

  • traffic to your website.
  • Improves keyword ranking.

You can accomplish both of these goals with local SEO. It is important to note that it is based on how close or far away the searcher is from the business.

How Do I Optimize My Business For Multiple Locations With Local SEO

1. Use Google Business Profile

  • Keep in mind that the goal of Google is to organize and provide online searchers with the most accurate and relevant information. Giving people exactly what they want is its objective.
  • This indicates that you will have a better chance of ranking on the SERPs if they are able to verify your business. The Google Business Profile is here.
  • When you sign up for a Google Business Profile account, you’re telling Google exactly what you offer and where you are.
  • In turn, Google will share your content with searchers with confidence. The good news is that using Google Business Profile is simple and free.
  • Simply sign in, claim your company, and provide as much information about it as you can.
  • Optimizing your Google Business Profile account can also be made easier with the help of photos, reviews from customers, and responding to reviews.

2. Get Into Google’s Local Map Pack

Have you ever done a Google local search and received three featured suggestions?

You know, this way.

google search local

Get Into Google’s Local Map PackA screenshot obtained from a Google search for “plumbing near Florida,” November 2022
People searching for plumbing services might choose one of them and stop looking. Rest in peace, everyone else.

Being one of the three included in the Local Map Pack is, of course, extremely beneficial because of this. And you can be with the right strategies.

You can improve your chances of getting one of the three highly sought-after slots by doing the following three things:

  1. Create a Google Business Profile
  2. Provide all of your information
  3. Leverage your reviews.

3. Build Your Internal Linking Structure

Did you know that improving the structure of your internal links will improve your SEO? Yes, external links to your website are excellent.

However, you cannot control them. And getting them requires some effort. Internal linking can help you get them if you haven’t yet:

  1. Make your website’s navigation easier.
  2. Show Google which page on your website is most crucial.
  3. Work on your site’s architecture.

All of these will help you get a higher Google ranking and make it more likely that people doing local searches will find you.

4. Build Your NAP Citations

Rest represents name, address, and telephone number. In most cases, it refers to the online information about your business. Your website should be the first place you place your NAP.

As a general rule, you should put this information at the bottom of your homepage, where visitors are most likely to look.

It’s also great to list information about your business on online data aggregators. TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Microsoft Bing use the data provided by these aggregators.

The major ones you shouldn’t miss are listed below.

  1. Acxiom.
  2. Data Axle (also known as Infogroup in the past).
  3. Factual.
  4. Neustar Localeze.

Although it might seem like a lot of work to list your website on all of the best aggregators, it is well worth it if you want to get a feature like this.

tripadvisor 63691

Build Your NAP CitationsA TripAdvisor screenshot from November 2022 Important note: Check to see that your NAPs are consistent across the internet.

Your chances of appearing in Google’s Local Map Pack or on Yelp or TripAdvisor are seriously harmed by one oversight.

5. Use Schema Markup

  • Your website’s schema markup, also known as structured data or simply schema, can have a significant impact on the results of your local SEO.
  • However, if you are not a developer, it may appear daunting. Don’t worry; using it isn’t as hard as you might think.
  • was created in 2011 by Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and others to create a standard vocabulary for search engines.
  • Google has been very clear that it does not affect search rankings, despite the fact that it can be used to improve the appearance of your search result, assist you in appearing for relevant queries, and increase the amount of time visitors spend on a page.
  • So why are we discussing it here? Since it works on the possibilities of your substance being utilized for rich outcomes, making you more attractive and further developing navigate rates.
  • Additionally, the schema gives you access to a variety of property options that are relevant to local SEO, allowing you to select the appropriate schema categories.
  • You are making it easier for search engines to comprehend the subject matter of your website by selecting for your cupcake shop.
  • To ensure validation, you must select the sub-properties after selecting the appropriate category. This includes things like the business’s name, hours, service area, and so on.
  • The service areas listed in a Google Business Profile should always match the on the local landing page, and the content on the page should also include those towns.

6. Optimize Your Site For Mobile

If you wake up in the middle of the night to find your bathroom overflowing with water because a faucet exploded, are you:

Get to your computer right away and conduct a search for the best emergency plumber in the area.
Take out your phone and open the Chrome app by typing “emergency plumber.” If it is 3 a.m., you probably selected No. 2.

But here’s the problem:

Not only do people choose their smartphones over computers at 3 a.m., but they do so constantly. A mobile device accounts for nearly 59% of all website traffic.

global mobile traffic, as seen in this Statista screenshot from November 2022. As is customary, Google noticed and switched to mobile-first indexing.

All of this means that if you want your website to rank well on Google, especially for local SEO, it needs to be optimized for mobile.

Here are six ways to make your website compatible with mobile devices:

  1. Check to see that your website is responsive and looks good on a variety of screen sizes.
  2. Make sure your buttons aren’t too small.
  3. Give large fonts priority.
  4. Pop-ups and text blockers should be ignored.
  5. Place the most important information first.
  6. Choose mobile-friendly themes if you use WordPress.

Ready To Target Local SEO?

  • By now, I hope I’ve made it abundantly clear that local SEO is crucial. And the fact that you operate multiple locations in various cities does not preclude you from using it to your advantage.
  • How you approach that really depends on you. Do you intend to develop a single landing page for each location? Or would you prefer to include all of your locations on a single page?
  • Be aware of the effectiveness of local SEO in bringing customers to your area, regardless of your decision.
  • Just check to see if you’re doing it right. Imagine yourself as a customer if, after reading this, you are still unsure of the next steps.
  • What kind of data would you be interested in obtaining?
  • What would make you believe that your company is ideal for their requirements?
  • The best way to take advantage of the likelihood that location will be one of the driving factors is through local SEO.

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