Best Email Marketing Guide For Beginners – 2020

Best Email Marketing Guide For Beginners – 2020

An email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable personal touches – at scale! There is no formula for the perfect email – Authentic and honest messaging works. So let’s dwell in more and know more about Email Marketing.

1. Why should we go for Email Marketing?

  • When we look at Email Marketing we find a great scope to connect with our prospect. It’s also much more cost-effective. We can establish two-way communication with customers and so its much more easy to get them on the landing page of our website, therefore we can generate leads and conversions.
  • Now when we are able to understand the basics lets take a step forward, to send valuable content and information we would need the email addresses of the prospects.

2. How can we get E-mail Ids?

  • For a collection of emails, we can leverage our social media channels. We can ask our customers to sign in to our newsletter subscriptions where we can ensure them with quality content.
  • Along with that, we can run an Ad campaign to sing up the audience for our services by the Google ads leads generation campaign.
  • By this, they can visit our website and can get aware of our services as well. An effective landing page leaves a good impression on the audience and increases brand credibility.

3. How can you initiate it?

By following a few simple steps you can easily set up your Email Marketing campaign in an effective manner:

Set Your Goal

The very first thing is to set your goals, they can vary according to your needs like an increase in Sales, Awareness, Introduction of a new product, Establish a relationship with customers, giveaways, Offers, Newsletters, Event Invites, etc.

Set-up Your Database

The next important thing is to set up your database, As by using it only initially you are going to send emails. This database will consist of the customer contact details (Name, Email address, Market Type, Zip Code, Location).

Create Effective Content

The third step is to create content that would be sent through email, so majorly we need to focus on the content like (E-books, Industry Reports, Case studies, Webinars).

Attractive Subject Title

Your subject title will be a attraction so optimizing it will be really meaningful. 45 to 55 characters max. The email should clearly consist of the sender’s name every time, that creates trust. Avoid spamming emails, also avoid words such as “Free”, “Credit”, “Offer”.

Use Professional Tools

There are many professional tools available that can help you set up a proper email marketing campaign, such as (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber).

Mention Useful Links

One of the essential points is to mention your social media links and website link, This way you can track the source of the traffic and can help you with your strategy.


The last thing to do is to analyze your analytics and redefine your marketing strategies.

Summing it all we would like to conclude with a few points:

  • Don’t buy an email database from market
  • Never use cheap marketing tools and software
  • Don’t spam emails
  • Keep a note of your analytics on a regular basis and improve your strategy.
  • Always maintain quality content on your emails
  • Take feedbacks and survey responses from your audience.

Treat your users as customers and not as a mere email address. Hope you like this post helpful and if you have any doubt regarding this post or you want to Hire Us for your content marketing job then feel free to contact us.