Artificial Intelligence | Automation.

Artificial Intelligence | Automation.

Science is magic that works.

Will a robot take my job? It’s one of the most Googled questions in a while.

58% of business and technology professionals are researching Artificial Intelligence, but only 12% are using AI systems. This gap reflects the growing interest in A.I but little actual use at this time. Over the years, several technocrats in the field have carried out extensive work in broadening the prospects of fundamental AI innovations and automation.

So how can Artificial Intelligence help humanity adapt to the new way of life? Let’s dwell in to find out.

If you witness automation coming in and you assume that it will take away jobs, You are partially right. But here the catch, Automation is not taking away jobs instead its evolving them.

The central problem in Artificial Intelligence is that computers do not have common sense, But human beings do. And sometimes humans take it for granted. Everything we do in our daily lives involves common sense. So it turns out that getting the first basic systems of AI was a big milestone, But then there is this long tail of difficult situations that must be resolved.

For the foreseeable future, there will continue to be a lot of things that only humans can really do. And so the future of work is not going to be “Humans replaced by machines” but instead its humans figuring out “How to do their jobs better with the help of machines”

Envision Future.

Based on my research in this industry of automation and Artificial Intelligence, I have come across a few projects that are indeed empowering human abilities. To give you a brief insight into these projects, here are some key information:


Driving a car already requires us to make countless unconscious decisions, AI is learning to do that but can we teach it to do more? One of the goals of Roborace is to really facilitate the accelerating development of driverless technology. They have built the world’s first AI race car. They use systems like :

  • “OXTS” – a military-grade GPS  
  • LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging, These are basically laser scanner that creates a 3D map of the world around it and feeds data to the car. 
  • V2V: Vehicle to Vehicle communication system that guides other vehicles on the track with the speed and position of the other cars.

This amazing blend of technologies will ensure transportation in cars much Faster, Better and Safer. 


Mars – The Red Planet is the next great frontier. NASA has been sending probes since the 1970s and in 2011 “Curiosity” A car-sized rover to explore the surface of Mars. Now by 2033, they are planning to send humans on Mars. But before actually humans land on Mars, they need a proper place to live in.

AI Space Factory in collaboration with NASA is designing a 3D printed habitat that can be built autonomously on mars by using AI before humans arrive. The material they would be using will be common rocks found on the surface of the mars and plastic polymer made from corn. They also envision agriculture on Mars.

With the help of artificial intelligence, architects and scientists are painting a picture of what life in space could be like and how it will be possible.


One-third of the world’s food goes to waste. This means all the water, energy and greenhouse gases used to produce that food are wasted with it, making the food industry one of the biggest contributors to climate change. 

So What if we could eliminate waste by better balancing the supply and demand of food? Zume during its Pizza’s productions uses machine learning to try and forecast how much pizza people want, What kind and When.

It crunches dozens of variables such as Time, Location, Day of the week, Weather, What’s trending on television, Past order data and uses it to predict how many pizzas would require for the day. They also have robotic ovens that are connected to the cloud and ensures consistency in food texture. It can make 120 pizzas in an hour. Also in their mobile pizza vans, they have integrated it. The system itself decides which delivery executive will be assigned the order. 

So basically its Algorithm + AI + Humans, And not AI replacing humans.  

If we can figure out how to integrate AI technologies, Which is not replacing humans but augmenting their abilities to make life more fun to make us more productive, more creative, I think that’s where the power of the machine will. 

We are entering this 4th industrial revolution, one that connects the Physical, Biological, and Digital. It’s not just jobs that are being changed by AI and Automation but its also “Us”. So why focus on the rearview when we can look to the road ahead to see what we are becoming. 

This might look science fiction but its also right on that tipping point innovation where its becoming reality