Artificial Intelligence – Sneak Peek in 2030.

Artificial Intelligence – Sneak Peek in 2030.

Technology (Artificial Intelligence), It’s advancing faster and taking less time to be widely adopted than ever before. As in like we grew up the phase of writing to the printing press and now to E-mails. Today we live in a completely new era, Today we are in a “Data-Driven Ecosystem”. Intelligence used to be the province of only humans, but it no longer is. Now the machines are intelligent too!! We don’t program the machine, they learn by themselves. Fascinating right?

This is where A.I come in the picture. So what is A.I.?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a branch of computer science which deals with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. It emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that works and reacts like human beings. I believe machines are going to interact with humans just the way we interact with one another, through perceptions, through conversations. Looking at the other side, people are concerned about A.I. replacing humans but I think it’s not just gonna replace humans but it actually is gonna enhance humans.

MILESTONES FOR Artificial Intelligence.

Project Euphonia

If you think about communication it starts with understanding someone and then being understood. For all of us, our voice is our identity. But what if someone is suffering from an acquired speech disorder? So project Euphonia has 2 different goals, First is to improve speech recognition and the second one is to give people their voice back. It’s almost like recreating the way they used to sound. They use machine learning to make this happen. Wonder how? Let’s find out:

Initially, the sound of our voice is converted in waveforms, These waveforms are matched with labels of each word. All the words available in the English language are uniquely labeled. Now the machine learning takes over and uses millions of input voice samples to match their output words, then the algorithm uses grammar to predict and form a sentence. It is so accurate that it can sense the difference between [ Their | They’re | There ]

Retinopathy Project

Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that affects people with diabetes. If not treated in the early stage can lead to permanent eyesight loss. We have a very limited number of ophthalmologists (a doctor who treats eye diseases) in the world and that’s why such disease can’t be detected in the early stage. So there should be a way this condition can be detected without ophthalmologists and that’s what Retinopathy Project is all about. Curious to know how?

Image Recognition: First the A.I. models are trained using thousands of tagged images, After looking at those thousands of images the algorithm learns to identify new images without human help. In this project, 1 lakh eyes were scanned and tagged by ophthalmologists from 1 to 5 where 1 meant healthy and 5 meant diseased. And these data were used to train the machine learning algorithm. Over time the algorithm was able to predict new eye scans with which eye is affected and which one is healthy.


Using tools to improve our ability is fundamental human development for many years. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are tools, Once that make us stronger, smarter, faster. It will play an increasingly dominant role across all the many dimensions of what it means to be human. With A.I. anything seems possible. Let’s take a sneak peek in some future projects that can change enhance human and their productivity:

  1. Chinees startup – Momenta are using A.I. to drive the car without a driver present in it. With the help of the Chinese government, they are also building highways with sensors that guide these autonomous vehicles for long haul journeys.
  2. USA based company – Embark will transport commercial goods with the help of driverless trucks. Their objective is that self-driving trucks can decrease the number of accidents happening on highways.
  3. Georgia Tech Centre for music technology are building “Shimon -Improvised Robot” that observes human playing different instrument and by using machine learning improvise on its own and then create music that humans can never create.
  4. At what point do we start trusting A.I. in more serious manners? Matters of Life and death. Qwake Technologies from San Francisco, California are empowering firefighter with “See-through”, A face mask that uses thermal images and processes that into data by which edges of the wall are visible in AR as green lines which help them navigate and rescue those who trapped in the fire.
  5. FANUC America is using A.I. and building robots that will increase productivity. With A.I. their robots can perform a wide spectrum of the task while maintaining accuracy.

These projects are empowering humans and helping them explore that has never been explored before.

As they say “With great powers comes great responsibilities”. Today everywhere we go we create a cloud of data and there are computers looking at this data, learning your pattern and essentially trying to serve you better. They are trying to personalize things for you. On the one hand, this looks great but on the other, it is a bit dangerous too. Because it’s possible that the entity that manages these algorithms doesn’t necessarily have the same goals as yours and so people must be aware. We came in this new world thinking that we were users of social media but it didn’t occur to us that social media is using us. We thought that we were searching google but we had no idea that Google was searching us.