10 Huge & Top PPC Features Of The Year

10 Huge & Top PPC Features Of The Year

Can you believe that the year has already come to an end? Here are the 10 biggest and best PPC features of the year.
It’s easy to forget how much has changed in the advertising ecosystem.
The year 2022 will be remembered for changes that were both welcome and unwelcome to the Google Ads and Microsoft Ads platforms, as well as for new PPC features for new channels.
It’s hard to keep up with all the changes as advertisers have access to more PPC platforms!
As a result, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 new PPC features and developments for 2022, covering as many different PPC platforms and campaign types as I can.

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Google Ads: No More Expanded Text Ads

While other platforms keep adding new formats and options, Google keeps slowly removing Search ad options.
Google will officially end Expanded Text Ads on June 30, 2022, as announced in 2021.
The Responsive Search Ads format now dominates search ads.
Why is this significant?
The lack of control was a major setback for advertisers, particularly in an industry that is regulated and requires legal approval for all copies.
Additionally, numerous advertisers observed that their ETAs outperformed RSAs.
The fact that marketers were forced to reevaluate their messaging strategy was one positive aspect of ETAs sunsetting.
Google is able to mix and match the various headline and description options to provide each user with the appropriate message at the appropriate time.
This meant that RSAs could no longer contain redundant copy and could instead be used to create more deliberate messaging for each keyword theme.
One more advantage of moving to RSAs was the expanded perceivability of advertisements.
Optmyzr conducted a study in May 2022 and found that RSAs displayed 2.
1x more impressions than ad groups with only ETA.

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Microsoft Ads: Video Ads Debut

In 2022, Microsoft maintains its advance into the advertising and marketing share.
The Microsoft Audience Network’s expansion coincided with the official launch of Video Ads just one month ago.

  • US.
  • Canada.
  • British Isles.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Australia.
  • The New Zealand

From the perspective of a marketer, this enables you to reach your audience in areas where you might not have been able to before.
Microsoft’s most recent statistics state:
39% of users do not watch videos on YouTube but rather on MSN.
57% of users do not watch videos on Facebook but rather on MSN.
There is no need to start from scratch when expanding your video strategy to Microsoft Ads.
Save time and money by repurposing your existing YouTube or other placements video ads.
If you want to repurpose that content, make sure that the audience’s intent is the same.

YouTube Ads: Audio Takes Center Stage

Google announced that Audio ads will be available to all advertisers in October 2022, making them officially out of beta testing.
Advertisers who are trying to reach their target audience in a different way based on how they use YouTube will find this to be a significant victory.
YouTube music listeners are the target audience for Google’s audio ads.
Because music listeners most likely aren’t actually watching what’s on their YouTube screens, marketers would prefer to use audio ads rather than video for those audiences.
Podcast placements are yet another significant development for audio.
Additionally, Google released this PPC features in October.
You might ponder, what does this have to do with YouTube advertisements?
Both audio and video ad formats are eligible for podcast placement on YouTube.

Facebook Ads: New Tools For B2B And Small Businesses

If you haven’t already noticed, Facebook, which is now known as Meta, has been in the news a lot this year.
Facebook has introduced new PPC features to advertisers this year, whereas the news surrounding Meta has primarily focused on consumer-facing issues like content standards and privacy.
Facebook announced new tools specifically designed for B2B and small businesses in May 2022.
Informing and Discussion Elements.
Tools for Getting New Customers and Getting New Leads
A new ad format is included in the messaging and conversation features.
From a company’s WhatsApp Business app, Facebook is developing ads that can be displayed on both Facebook and Instagram.
This promotion type grows a business and shopper relationship by empowering communication by means of message.
Facebook discovered that over 70% of customers want the option to communicate with businesses in a more conversational manner to support these PPC features.
The following are new PPC features for generating leads and acquiring customers:

  • Instagram requests for quotes.
  • Using Instant Forms to filter leads.
  • Flexibility in creativity.
  • restricted content
  • Integration of partners.

I believe that the quote requests and gated content are the most relevant from an advertising perspective.
Creating a gated content ad is a great way to collect essential user information, such as email, in order to engage with them in the future, given the ongoing requirement for first-party data.

Instagram Ads: Introducing AI-Powered Ads

New ad formats are the source of some of Instagram’s most notable PPC features.
Instagram introduced “Multi-advertiser ads,” an AI-powered advertisement, as the platform has become more shoppable.
Based on a user’s actions and interactions with the app, this ad format will highlight advertisements from various businesses.
This AI-powered format uses your existing advertisements and its algorithm to get your brand in front of in-market shoppers, despite the fact that it is not necessarily an ad format that marketers can set up.

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TikTok Ads: New Ad Placements In Search

Users first noticed a new “Sponsored” ad placement in the top four search results in March 2022:
It’s important to remember that this Sponsored listing is still in Beta and that TikTok hasn’t set a date for when it will be available to all advertisers.
So, what is the significance of this PPC feature?
Users have been able to find content on a wide range of subjects thanks to TikTok.
Advertisers will hopefully soon be able to target their ads more precisely based on a user’s search with the new search PPC features.
In a way, TikTok is becoming its own kind of search engine.
If you haven’t already, you should give this ad platform a try because of this placement.

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Pinterest Ads: Shoppable Product Pins With WooCommerce Extension

Although Shoppable Pins are not new to 2022, a new feature that was released in July 2022 made it much simpler for businesses to create advertisements.
To be exact, more than three million merchants.
Simply put, the Pinterest for WooCommerce extension makes it simpler to set up your Pinterest product sales.
Now, how does it function?
Your entire product catalog is converted to the Pinterest Shoppable Product Pin format by this new extension.
There is no need to manually upload the catalog listings to Pinterest because they are automatically uploaded.
These PPC features are essential if you run your online shopping website with WooCommerce.

LinkedIn Ads: Enhanced Campaign Manager Interface

Even though LinkedIn has added new targeting options and ad formats, I believe the most important feature is the new Campaign Manager interface.
LinkedIn listened to the cries of other marketers about how inefficient campaign management and performance reporting had previously been.
The new connection point promotes a left-side route, impersonating different stages like Google and Microsoft Advertisements.
The sections on the left side of the navigation include:

  • Plan.
  • Advertise.
  • Test.
  • Analyze.
  • Assets.
  • Managing your account.

The second most significant enhancement to the interface makes it much simpler to switch between multiple accounts.
Rejoice, marketers and agencies alike!

linkedin campaign manager

Twitter Ads: Dynamic Product And Collection Ads

Another social platform that has made a lot of news in 2022? Twitter.
While the majority of the hype has been about the management change and its residual effects, as with Meta (Facebook), let’s not overlook the new PPC features it introduced to advertisers in 2022.
These are for e-commerce professionals.
This year, Twitter introduced Collection Ads and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA).
Similar to Facebook and other programmatic platforms, Twitter Ads DPAs function.
Twitter integration is simple for advertisers who use an existing product feed management platform.
You can either retarget users based on their engagement with your content with DPAs or target new customers with relevant product ads.
Collection ads are another type of product advertisement that feature scrollable product images alongside a primary static image.

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Apple Ads: Expanded Ad Placement Inventory

Apple ads, last but not least.
Over the past few years, it is not a secret that Apple has focused on user-privacy standards and requirements.
The limitations on promoting estimation have made it challenging for publicists to demonstrate missions’ prosperity precisely.
Measurement and visibility were at the forefront of marketers’ minds when Apple officially announced in November 2022 that it would expand the number of ad placements in the Apple App Store.
Inventory is included in the new placements for:

  • Ads for Today Tab.
  • Ad placements on the Product Page.

Apple Ads’ expanded inventory is important because it lets users discover businesses instead of being so focused on “search.”
Apple’s advertising inventory has previously limited many brands because user searches could only capture demand.
Marketers can target Apple’s iOS users specifically by expanding their awareness campaigns now that Apple has doubled the number of placements it offers in its ad inventory.

What follows?

Wasn’t 2022 a very busy year?
What implications does this have for PPC’s future?
PPC platforms will undoubtedly receive the same number of updates in 2023, some for the better or worse.

Throughout the year, keep an eye on this space for the most recent announcements and developments.
Have you adopted any of these PPC updates for 2022?
What do you think will be the most popular PPC features in 2023?

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